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From September 2014 all infants (key stage 1 - reception, year one and two) have received a free hot two course meal every school day. This saved over £400 per child, per year. Parents/guardians/carers should contact the school for more information.

Five reasons to try a school meal

  • The price of a school meal for junior pupils (key stage 2) is just £2.68 from September 2023
  • All of our menus meet the new school food standards.
  • We always use quality ingredients including fresh and local produce.
  • Pupils have chosen their lunchtime menu.
  • Most special diets are catered for.

​Do I qualify for free school meals?

You may qualify if you are a parent, guardian or carer and receive one of the following:

Children who get any of the above benefits in their own right (ie they get benefits payments directly, instead of through a parent or guardian) can also get free school meals.

How to claim or find out more information

To claim for a free school meal:

Click on the link below to view our three week cycle dinner menu.

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