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Reading & Writing Information for Parents


“Children should be encouraged from the earliest stage to pay attention to the various forms of the printed word and the functions it serves.” English in the National Curriculum

We believe that parents play a vital role in helping their child learn to read. After all
they taught the child to talk.

School is not the ideal setting to share books with individuals. For instance it is
noisy, we get interrupted and there is a lot going on.

We appreciate that parents have many commitments and not much time, but if we
work together we can help children become confident readers.

At our school we use several reading schemes. We also have a large bank of colour
coded fiction and non fiction books for children to choose from.

As the children are encouraged to choose, they may bring home books which they
cannot read alone and favourite books which they have read repeatedly (you may find
that a very well loved story like this is the first one that your child learns to read

We will help your child to select books.

We believe that children should:
• Behave like readers
• Be confident
• Enjoy books
• Talk about books they have read
• Acquire a skill, which they will use throughout life.

Below are some useful links you may find useful on your reading journey:

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