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Our Digial Leaders for 2023 - 2024 are Orla, Phoebe, Elliott, Chloe, Katie & Leo.
At Newton Primary School we want our children to access technology in the safest way possible.
Do you know what is safe on the internet?  Do you know who you are talking to on social networks such as facebook? Do you know that you have to be 13 to have a facebook account? 
The links on this page are to help parents and children develop an understanding of safe technology use.  
The BBC WebWise website provides a range of resources aimed at children, teenagers, parents and teachers.             
CBBC's StaySafe Website invites children to join Dangle the rabbit in learning how to stay safe on the web. Hector Protector, a bottle nose dolphin and his underwater friends aim to help children aged 3 - 12 stay safe in cyberspace.
 Click here to sign up to the free 'Digital Parenting' magazine.     
 A Newsround video clip that focusses on staying safe on the Internet.   
Click this link to take you to the Child Exploitation Online Protection website.
Digital Leaders
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